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CMM Mitutoyo Modèle BRM507

CMM Mitutoyo Modèle BRM507


CMM Type: Manual Bridge Model Serial Number BD000222

Granite surface table 34” x 46”

Travel Range: X = 20” (500mm), Y = 28” (700mm) Z = 16” (400mm)

The CMM is operated by air, moved hand and has 3 axes locks. Footprint: W = 43” (1092mm) L = 49” (1244mm) H = 88” (2235mm) Total Weight: 1240Lbs (563 KG) - CMM and Stand Accuracy: Repeatability: 2.5μm Linear Accuracy (μm): 3.0 + 4L / 1000 Interface: IM USB Scale and Probe Interface Unit

Software: MCosmos (computer included without monitor) Probe System: Choice of any Renishaw Manual Probe – MH20

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